This site was created on September 6, 2018, a few hours before the Hokkaido power outage, by coincidence.

“Scratch noise” in the theme means that it does not get in the way.

He is 58 years old now, but he developed cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 42 due to his extremely unhealthy way of life, and he has become paralyzed on the right side of his body. I wrote a blog like a fight against illness diary, but when I got sick, I realized that writing such a thing was nothing but an expression of my own comfort and self-revealing desire, so it is not very good for the world. quitted.

Currently, I am exploring the proposition of setting a theme and creating a site that will be useful to people while having fun with myself.

On the site, there are also items that make some money using advertisements and corporate affiliate systems. After all, I have a body and age that I can’t work for. We would appreciate your understanding and forgiveness.

In addition, we will use the profits to prepare for the operation of survival facilities for protected animals such as dogs and cats using the land owned by our comrades in Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo. That should be the final point on my roadmap for life. Currently, I am warming my dreams while making a small donation to Peace Wanko Japan.

We would like to receive many opinions and criticisms. I look forward to working with you.

We will continue to work on the series of content patiently, so if you are interested, please enjoy it.

If you have any comments or want to let me know, please click below.





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