Introduction of enemoti

There is a dietary supplement which has begun to be paid much attention from athletes of all over the world in these days.

That’s this enemoti (enemoti: Kei root rice cake).

In particular, it’s in public attention as a supplement food of a marathon.

This enemoti and the one which is being produced are Tengudo treasure ship Corporation in Hakodate (correctly, Nanae-cho).

It’s a familiar manufacturer of “millet dumpling” for localness and Hakodate nation.

2 kinds, salt rice cake (It’s expected to sell it.) and rice cake of walnuts.

Salt rice cake is 40g, energy 149kcal, 27.8g of carbohydrates (glucide 27.2g), protein 1.5g, fat matter 3.5g and salt substantial amount 0.9g

Rice cake of walnuts is 40g, energy 145kcal, 27g of carbohydrates (glucide 26.4g), protein 1.6g, fat matter 3.4g and salt substantial amount 0.1g

Digestive absorption includes gentle palatinose in both of them.

Palatinose is included in honey, the safe glucide which exists naturally.

A raw material wraps starch syrup, sugar, palatinose and flour, and is salt, sweet rice flour, bean jam and a wafer (starch)/gas Ca (Wheat, walnut and soybeans are included in the part.)

A walnut rice cake was being sold as similar goods in Tengudo originally, but the one which could be done makes this develop and develop, and seems to be ENE rice cake.

Because there are no aggressive announcements from Tengudo treasure ship about ENE rice cake, I don’t go out of the area of guess, but if it’s a problem in time to become a blow of resuscitation from Hakodate, it seems.

The place where I’d like to turn to the world aggressively for Tokyo Olympic Games and approach in particular.

It has started from here originally! ↓


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