Before you who go to Okinawa travel take an airplane, read only this!

This is news to everyone of Okinawa travel beginner. Please ignore the master person in Okinawa who says that he knows such thing.  

I have a one-day pass (free railroad ticket) in Yui rail of Okinawa monorail. The railroad ticket is effective for 48 hours for 2 days per 24 hours for a one-day pass from the time or the time issued at the station desk issued by an automatic ticket vending machine for a free railroad ticket. [One-day pass] 700 yen [2 day, railroad ticket] 1200 yen※ infant is the half price. For the moment, there are no welfare discounts in a free railroad ticket.

An inquiry: Yui rail office [The telephone number] 098-859-2630

By the way, the first trains of Yui rail are 6:00 from Naha Airport and last 23:30. It’s 5:48 last 23:30 from Shuri. The distance of the airport Shuri time for approximately 30 minutes.

To the person who goes to the west coast resort directly from the airport.

A limousine bus is convenient to a west coast resort hotel from the airport. A cash disbursement in the bus isn’t made of a ticket system. It’s convenient to buy a ticket at JapanBus Online. The use between each hotel where a bath is on the route is also possible. Please ask at the hotel in a ride place. It’s this for more information (Okinawa bus site).

An inquiry The airport limousine bus Guide center
TEL: (098) 869-3301.

There are also a shuttle bus different from a resort limousine, and when taking it here, the charge will be paid by bus. It’s possible to use the optimistic salary. Okinawa airport shuttle

A bus line in Okinawa has a discount system of a welfare discount. Information on a churaumi aquarium.

-Churaumi-aquarium opening time- * Summer (March-September)… 8:30-20:00 (entry deadline 19:00) * Usual period (October-February)… 8:30-18:30 (entry deadline 17:30) ※ The closing day: 1st Wednesday of December and its Thursday of next day ★ Back work: An entrance fee becomes off 30 % after 16 o’clock in the evening at a Churaumi-aquarium, you can enter the building by “from 4:00 ticket”. Even the person who has a discount ticket already repays me the difference. 10-February, until 19:30, 3-September, until 20:00, remains, can. Illumination is switched over from 17:00 to the sea version of night. This is the very rare view. Ieshima-iland where the sunset sinks can get a bird’s-eye view of another from Churaumi-aquarium in the evening.

To everyone who moves in Okinawa-ken by rental car.

* It’s attention in the scooter which runs next to the car easily so that I may slip (I also need more than 250 cc of large one.) It’s ordinary in Okinawa.

* It’s attention in driving on the day when it rains. The ground which is originally tends to begin to melt in Ryukyu limestone but water, and a road in Okinawa produces the situation that even a paved road tends to be slippery on the day when it rains. Therefore I tend to say that a slip accident by the passenger who isn’t familiar occurs frequently on the day when it rains. After understanding that there is such difference in road condition with a mainland, please drive.

* A person in Okinawa doesn’t ring a horn so much. It’s because I believe that that is consideration.

* KOREGUSU which is breakfast from shop near Okinawa and hotel and is offered as the seasoning is liquor. A driver is exposed by drunk driving because of this. The person who drives will cut down use of KOREGUSU.

* When Ginowan and around Kadena on route 58 of national highway are being run, the U.S. forces aircraft is sometimes flying on the head as well as the roaring sound suddenly, but Mr. driver won’t have his intention stolen in the sky, and sees and drives the front tightly.

* A rare creature is crossing a road on the prefectural highway in the main island north. Please don’t override. A rare creature is a coconut crab and an Okinawa rail.

Story of C lunch

Wherever I go in a dining room in Okinawa, I have the menu as lunch by the basic menu mostly. If it’s an open 24 hours dining room, at all times, you can order anytime. Even if I eat at 0:00am, for some reason, lunch. One plates at 500 yen-about 800 yen are voluminous and the mainstream. The lunch I say here is the meaning as one plate set menu that Western food was dished up. Further even if I think I have C lunch and look for it, there are no A lunch and B lunch. If having the menu as A lunch, that’s the most luxurious menu in the lunch. The closest dining room it’s possible to have lunch where is the “airport dining room” where Naha Airport is on the 1st floor for you who are onboard to Okinawa. Even if arrival is the evening, lunch should wait for you. Reference: The menu of the airport dining room: Okinawa lunch of 860 yen
Story of happy yellow curry and rice

I ordinarily have curry and rice in Showa of such feeling in a dining room in central district of Okinawa-ken. That it’s unexpected, it’s dry and spicy. Excuse me, only that.


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